FA1 & FA2 Production Facility

Jaguar Land Rover is a multinational UK automotive company, founded by the Ford Motor Company in 2002.
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Hartle have installed a new bespoke fuel management and delivery system to serve the FA1 and FA2 production facility fuel booths with petrol, diesel, arctic diesel and ethanol. As part of this system, each product has 2No. fuel tanks, which monitors the rise and fall of fuel, linked by delivery chambers to serve each area and all distribution pipework. The pipework is double skinned containment, essentially a pipe within a pipe for added safety, and has a leak detection system.

This installation won second place at the APEA awards for the year that it was installed.

Solihull Jaguar Land Rover
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Hartle Ltd
  • Fuel Systems Installations
  • BMS & Controls
  • Pumps & Pipework
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